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The land of the Lum-Lums...

It's always wonderful to have some new faces join us in the woods, as they always bring something a little bit extra. Today, we had the pleasure of the Lum-Lums and they will now forever be a part of the wood land fantasy....

This half-term, the children have been hard at work developing their own areas, making more substantial dens and building mini villages. It was great to have our trojan worker back - the rake maker... He got straight to hard graft, managing the woodland, stripping out old wood and clearing the land ( with his rake!) to tidy the place up. He was well rewarded with the stickiest smore and the others had the pleasure of enjoying the new space to explore.

We were also introduced to the Lum-Lum...these seem to be quite magical creatures but keep your eyes peeled as they may appear again in places you would least expect!!

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