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Teamwork makes the dream work...

What a super team. Only 3 of them but they made a point of needing each other to make the tasks a success. They worked so well together, sharing out responsibilities, listening to each others ideas and working in unison to get an end result that they were all pleased with.

The sun shone through the trees and the fire smoke highlighted the sun's rays for the first time in a while. The area that the children chose for their base made the most of the sunny conditions and allowed us to stay cool whilst working hard, even with a fire burning.

The preparation and wood collecting that went on today was second to none and it made the longevity of the fire easier to manage.

Clay faces became more creative- building from simple smiles to goblins and trolls that were left to come to life in the moon light.

Super day, great company- thank you!

Sorry, for some reason, I can't upload any pics!

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1 Comment

Sep 02, 2020

Great training for the future leaders of our nation! Well done all you young Wildalers.

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