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Storm in a tea cup...

SO, huge gales, thunderstorms, torrential rain was all forecast.... We got the torrential rain which was enough to consider cancelling the session but with a little preparation, 2 shelters were erected and a small fire was lit for the groups arrival. The children came fully prepped, bags brimming with sausages and enough waterproof clobber on to stay cosy. Fuel for the fire was the first port of call and the children worked in terrific teams to collect as much of the driest timber in the woods. From here, whittling took over and the pockets of water that were being caught in the shelter served as good hand wash areas for he boys that decided to investigate water irrigation and the mud slide!

There drainage system was fantastic, they found a load of old tree sleeves which they joined together to create a drain and then stuffed ends with moss to filter the water flow. The end result was reasonably clear and they were eager to taste their new Yorkshire Gold!

All sorts of sticks were whittled, mainly to toast marshmallows to give us the needed sugar bump- it was super to see how confident the children became with their knife use. They helped others and extended their knife use by bumping off knots as well as sharpening a point.

Lunch was a hog feast! Bacon and Sausages all round. The children were very generous with their sharing, making sure all that wanted could enjoy the feast, washed down with some hot chocolate. As the fires continued to burn, different games came into effect and the groups mixed and mingled with different members effortlessly. Later on in the day, the children started to experiment with some clay art in the trees and finish the day with a very competitive game of forest hide and seek. Well done all of you on a terrific day- you should be very proud of everything you achieved and persevered with today!!!

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