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Nettle tea

"Well I didn't think I would be saying that today!" One of the children commented as she foraged for some nettles to add to the boiling broth.

Some of the children took part in sampling the nettle tea with mixed reactions...Comments of it smells like chicken, or rice were banded about, but the taste surprised most and seemed agreeable :)

Making fire was the main focus today... Lots of children working in groups or individually to start a fire. I think it proved to be a much more tricky chore than they thought it would be and some of the children agreed with me that preparation and patience were the most important parts to a successful fire.

Well done to all of you in the different parts you played in helping the fire making - from gathering wood, to sparking the flint or feeding the flames once it was lit, they were all important roles and the end result was hot chocolate, sausages, toasted marshmallows and cosy bases. Great day had by all :)

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