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More smores please

Super Easter break!!!Thank you to all the marvellous little people for making it so memorable. We had 4 seasons in every session, rain, sunshine, hail, gusts, name it, we had it...but it didn't stop us! Big roaring fires kept us cosy, sugar filled smores kept us jolly. We cooked some great food- wild garlic and nettle pesto ( all from the woods) burgers, sausages, pizza wraps and of course marshmallows. All manner of activities took place, there were little workshops all over the place, from the HGH construction crew to the Sawmill, we split, chopped, drilled, whittled, sawed, tied, spliced, weaved and burnt! The woods were filled with laughter and joy and it was a real pleasure to see the children share and enjoy the space tirelessly. SO glad to be on the other side of this Lockdown, let's hope it if happens again, the outdoor provision isn't prevented from operating as the natural environment is the best medicine for everyone!

Take care and enjoy our medicine :)

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