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Monkey bars

Today was another new one for the woods...The children started making their bases and set their fires up, then they started challenging their friends to pull ups and hang times on branches in the woods...This led to a conversation about monkey bars and so after a hearty lunch, they set about choosing trees and branches that would suit the job. Size, length, strength and freshness of the wood was all discussed. Bow saws were used to cut branches to the right length and the children were taught how to square lash to secure wood to other wood. After a while, the ladder was complete and it was bravely tested by one of the children as it leaned against a great oak. Following a successful test, a place to test the monkey bars was found and then the challenge of getting across was set! Well done to all of you for taking part, challenging yourselves and working through all the problems we faced to make it a success!

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