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Boys in the woods

Yesterday we had a great gang of lads. Once again, this changed the outcome and it had a much more military feel about it. The boys worked well together collecting sticks for the fire and they discussed their choice of base on its defensive merits. In the end, the boys decided on a 'look-out' base to alert the main base of any intruders. Once this was decided, they set about patrolling the woods and whittling a plethora of pointy implements to ward off any unfortunate visitors.

Once they were happy with the security in place, they decided to make a fire. This allowed some of their more gentler characteristics to come to the fore. Patience, determination and encouragement won through and the joy of starting a fire resulted in a wonderful little 'Irish jig' to celebrate the flames.

This fire served us well, it kept burning for the whole day, whilst the security patrolled and weapons were sharpened.

By the end of the day, the children moved on from their army base mentality and returned to a much more playful state where they enjoyed the swing, monkey bars and further den building which involved less testosterone fuelled role play!

Another different but equally entertaining and fulfilling day. Thank-you all:)

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